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Sesame Street Package
WVIA Our Town Series

Why should your business become a WVIA partner?

For a fraction of the cost of commercial advertising, a company can effectively deliver a powerful message to a targeted audience and at the same time, enhance its image and position within the community. The value is incomparable. Public broadcasting is uncluttered by the advertising of commercial broadcasting - TV or radio. We never interrupt a program to sell something between programs, we take a moment to thank our sponsors with dignified and subdued messages, and certainly not commercials. As a sponsor, your on-air credits are given very select attention by the WVIA audience. In addition, sponsors are featured on our website.


With a wide assortment of programming that spans all ages, WVIA is sure to have a package that's right for you.


Get the cold, hard facts about WVIA, PBS and NPR


Hear from organizations in the community that are proud of their sponsorship with WVIA

Sample Spots

See an assortment of Sponsorship spots that have aired on WVIA

WVIA Sponsorship Packages